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Great opportunities!
Solar greenhouses – is hope for a bright future

October 1, 2011 year Public Organization Ghamkhori.

PO "Ghamkhori" started its activities under the project "Reducing poverty through the market" in the districts of Bokhtar, Vakhsh, also districts named after. A Jomi and N. Khusrav. Project covers 35 villages, 14 Jamoat of four target areas. With the help of project staff was created 68 groups, 35 seed fund in the MC. The project aims to ensure access to the use of arable land and seed capital for poor and vulnerable population in targeted areas of Khatlon region.

Karimov Nurullo 41 years old, married have three daughters, a member of SHG "Ganjina" resident of village Kuykanak, Jamoat Mashal, of Vakhsh District. He Is a religious leader of the village, and actively take part in mobilization of village population.


"Reducing poverty through the market"

in the Bokhtar, Vakhsh, A Jomi and N. Khusrav districts.

It is already 18 years that I live in one of the remote villages of the Vakhsh District. I moved here with my family, for family reasons. Kuykanak village, Jamoat Mashal is situated 54 km far from the district center. The taxis once a day leaves and arrives to our village. Once a week on Wednesdays we have our own market. We have only one store in our village. We imported water and rainwater. With PO “Ghamkhori” already we cooperating about 4 year, I am a member of SHG "Ganjina." To this day, from the organization's staff we received a lot teaching and informational materials that I use in everyday in my life as disease prevention, gender equality, human rights. My wife is a housewife, she is also unemployed, but doing some work for the village. For the past 3 months as actively started to participate in the project "Mitigation of poverty through the market" supported and financed by the Act Central Asia and DFID. I want to express my gratitude to the organization, they think about the people who really need not financial assistant, but informational. When we were talking about the seed fund and the construction of solar greenhouses I was the happiest men. I have a big land, but within a few years, I can not get any income. In our village the construction solar greenhouse is great opportunity come out of the poverty. Our SHG gladly took up the idea of ​​building a greenhouse; we are the group who the first completed building and now planning in early December to get the first harvest. Thanks, to solar greenhouse, now we can get our quality seed. I and 15 of my villagers will be able to take advantage of this year's seedlings of our own labor. I have five acres of land where I could not use this for getting any income. Through the consultation of organization of agronomist I sowed 5 kg of alfalfa and intend to obtain a good harvest. 1Kg of alfalfa is 16 TJS, and a stack of alfalfa is 6 Somoni. From the 5 kg, I am planning to get 500 stacks of alfalfa. I know that this winter, I’ll spend better winter period than the last year.

 I am very grateful to the staff of PO Ghamkhori and those who provide financial support for such a fruitful work that bring benefits, knowledge and confidence of the people support. The most useful for us is that what the PO employees are friendly and attentive. At any moment they can support us and give useful advises and also recommend to who ask them for needed help. Thank you! "

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